Well, hey there!

If you’re reading this, then the CTAA brought you here! Hello, hello. Reading along to find out more about the package I’ve created CTAA participants.


What's a one-shoot?

During a typical headshot session, we shoot a wealth of shots with many looks/backgrounds/outfits. This is a mini-version of the full headshot session, limited to an hour of shooting. We'll lock in our plan to make that hour of shooting efficient and effective. Then, we'll shoot for that "anything goes" hour.

How I structure the shoot days: once every couple of weeks, I'll set apart a date and do a series of one-shoots. Typically, we shoot about six a day and they're a blast. Since there are no limits on outfits, we jump right into it. Usually, actors typically walk out with four/five outfits to choose from for their final edits.

The Package

One hour of shooting. Unlimited outfits. 2 edited finals, all original high-res shots via digital download. Extra edits at $30 per photo.

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What’s Next?

I’ll reach out to you in a few days via email to setup our shoot date and lock in the plan for our shoot!

NOTE! Shoots will be scheduled on a first come, first serve basis, with loosely six shoots happening per day.

Thanks for reaching out!