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You'll find below a handful (of a handful, of a handful) of photos from the last few years of shooting. Enjoy!

For a visual on some photoshoots I've run in the last few years:

And on the lighter side, I present to you my favorite part of shooting:




I have one flat rate for taking headshots which covers your consultation, photography session, editing & final formatting of up to four selected photos, and a high-resolution copy of the entire shoot of photos taken that day.



Makeup & Styling

Makeup is essential! I can't overstate it enough. I've been working with the same makeup team for going on seven years; we’re a little family of folks. A make-up artist provides a host of services at a photoshoot: makeup (come with a clean face, they'll handle everything from there), light hair (i.e. pulling hair half back, put in a slight curl) and styling. It's always beneficial to have another set of eyes present at a photoshoot, and securing a makeup artist frees up more opportunity to play & create. To view our work, here is a link to my makeup team's glory:  




Within the session rate, you get up to four edited headshots. But there are times when you need that extra shot (or many extra shots) beyond that four. Not a problem at all! I will edit any additional photo for $30 per shot.


A last-minute audition. A "haircut-tastrophe.” These things happen. We have a flexible calendar but if the last minute hiccup happens, we’ll try our best to scootch a date. If we are alerted by 24 hours before the shoot, no worries. If within that 24 hour window, we’ll add a 30% reschedule fee to the shoot (for the photographer & the makeup artist), to be paid on the cancellation date.





I can't wait to shoot with you! Here are the next few steps:

Step 1: Let's Meet!

Whether you toss me an email, give me a ring or fill out the form, we set up a meeting and get to know each other. Then, we get to work and discuss the purpose and intent of your headshots. A good headshot is inherently artistic, so I approach each headshot photoshoot as a personal art project. Color, clothes, eyes, locations are all up for discussion as we create your specific look. Also, at the consult, we talk scheduling, so please bring a copy of your schedule for the next few weeks.

Step 2: We'll Shoot!

The day of the shoot, we make final decisions about clothes and colors, then review our approach to your specific headshots, making sure your agent’s needs and your personal needs are met. With that approach solidified, it’s time to rock. A photoshoot with me is kinetic and organic, moving quickly and often to add life to our photos. Also, changes in light add considerable dimension to the shoot.

Step 3: We'll Review!

After the photoshoot, the photos are available within a few days for review. Take a look, send them to agents/family/friends and let me know which shots you would like for your final four. Since the primary goal of the shoot is to tackle a wide range of looks, emotions and lighting situations, feel free to choose a wide range of shots to ensure your final photos are as versatile as possible to meet your needs.

Step 4: We'll Celebrate!

Within two weeks of receiving your final selections, an online folder of your original photos and edited headshots will be sent to you via Dropbox. The final, edited selections are print-ready, color-corrected and copyright-free, for easy printing. The first round of editing is included, more rounds possible for $30/hr. Upon receiving the photos, if you want another photo edited, the cost is $30 per photo. Also, if you want to exchange high-fives, I’m always available.


Awesome! We've set a date to shoot! What's next?

How to Prepare

Water and Sleep

Get plenty of both before the shoot and that'll help with a smooth shoot process. We might do a few jumping jacks and host a one-minute dance party* to wake up the body & mind. 

*Always taking requests for dance jams.


Not only is "more the merrier" my life policy, it's also my clothes policy. Bring that fun top that you rarely wear but love how it fits. Toss in that lived-in shirt that’s not in perfect shape, but it's comfy. Sometimes we stick to jewel tones and sometimes to we go with the bold leather jacket. Bring both and we'll decide at the shoot what makes the cut. Also, make sure clothes are de-haired and are looking sharp. It makes a big difference.


Oh... Hello!

You made it. Just fill out this form and we'll meetup soon!

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October 18th, 2019

Hello! A quick message from me, the Tyler Core mentioned above! As of right now, we are booking photoshoots about two months from our meetup date, and taking a one-month break from October 18th to November 11th. If you need to shoot sooner - we’ll touch base about options but currently we are about two months out from when we meet and lock in details.


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